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Purchased at Guitar Center. Retail list for 5 pc fusion sized shell pack is $2,049. Retail cost is typically $1,499 for the shell kit with tom holders.

ISO mounting system very similar to RIMS mounts and are very secure ad suspend the toms well. Much better then Pearls mounting system. Chrome finish on RIMS mounts excellent. Transparent laquer colors are dazzling and look very custom. 6mm, 6-ply 100% North American maple shells are very well balanced, very articulate and have an speical "differnet" sound than your typical Keller made made shell. The sound of this kit with Remo powerstroke 3 heads on toms/bass and white coated snare surpasses the sound of my Pearl masters maple drumset. Hardware finish is excellent. Snare drum is superior with excellent crisp attach and tone. Awesome die cast low profile rims. Perfect all around snare drum!

Finish was not flawless (laquer). Some minor chroming imperfections. Wood bass hoops not sanded well and sealed on edges. Tom mount affixed to bass drum (should be isolated for a high end sounding set like this)

Shells are first class. Similar maple sets cost $3K and up. Finish is gorgeous but could be smoother with better quality control like Pearls.

For the money get one fast!

depeche drummer rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-10.

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