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I have been playing Drums in bands for 17 years. Play mostly Rock. I like a wide range of music from 70's Disco to Arena Rock , funk to Metal ...!

I bought the Kit from a local Drum Store. Paid 400 . As i have owned a few Premier Kits over the years and still own a few nice ones , i decided on a brand new lower end kit for practice.

I like the sound (using quality skins) I have Remo Emperors on Toms , EmperorX on Snare and powerstrokeIII on Kick. I have removed the Wrap ..was wine red , now natural Laquered finish.

The Hardware is cheap! I Renewed the Kick pedal , Hihat stand and Cymbal stands. The RokLok Tom Holder System is ok but the Thread on one side stripped as the unit is 'cast' , not great strength but have had mine 'helicoiled'...( ie a new thread fitted). The wrap cracks easily when knocked. Take care and buy Cases.

The Drum Shells are quite good i think with quality skins sounds good ,and YES i do hit probs here..also sound good when 'miced up'playing live and studio.

Great low end price kit , great sound for the money , has a few hardware issues if you can live with that ..but aftermarket products like Gibralter or DigDog will put that right at not too much extra cost.

MonsoonDrummer rated this unit 3 on 2006-06-02.

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