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I'm a 17 year old female drummer and am finally starting grade 5 - 6 after 2 years of playing. I play with a 15 year old male guitarist and am going to start in another band that are all male and in their 20's.

I bought my wine/metallic red kit for 275, I think, from my drum teachers shop, Taramik Drums in Peterborough. I would definitely say that his shop is popular with drummers in surrounding area's for his excellent prices and quick delivery.

I love the deep, rich colour wrap and the awesome bass drum - for a beginner kit. It gives a good 'thud'. The toms are pretty good and it is easy to set up and adjust. Some Evans heads always give a cool tone. The bass pedal is very good and hasn't let me down! It's great quality for a decent price and a reliable beginner kit. I wouldn't be ashamed to use it at a gig!

I don't feel that there is anything much wrong with it. The snare could be tweaked a little better and obviously the standard cymbals were worn out in 8 - 10 months, but that's part of a beginner kit. I would advise you to use a dampening ring on the snare, then it sounds cool.

To me, there is a quality feel from the Premier, and it is neat it construction.

I would absolutely recommend any beginner drummer to start with this kit! I shall be keeping mine for as long as possible!

Gemma S rated this unit 5 on 2007-12-10.

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