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I baught my XPK fusion kit in 2008 it was and still is immaculate! I have the sapphire blue laquer finish and its is amazing to look at. As stated mine is a fusion size 10-12 ande 14 inch toms the 14 inch being a hanging tom and a 20X16 Kick drum a matching 14x5 snare drum with 8 lugs.

I baught this kit used from a person who had it sitting in his basement for many years covered as he told me his son never got into drums, I Paid $ 200 for the entire kit and it was like brand new !

I have always wanted a Premier kit, they are ledgendary for there sound and build quality ! These drums sound amazing, p-lenty of resonance, incredible tone and the 20 x 16 Kick is the punchiest littkle cannon of a Kick drum I ever played, I will never go back to a larger Kick after having this, the Kick drum is my favorite part of the Kit! I have evans genera resonant heads on all the tom toms and for batters I am currently using Clear EC2 'SST' heads by evans, the drums sound FAT ! and deep! On my Kick I have an aquarian super kick2 and regulator resonant head with port hole

The only thing I dont like aboput this kit is the Tom holder, dont get me wrong its buiolt like a tank! But its just over built if you know what I mean, I went without it and place my rack toms on a tom stand to the left of the bass drum, Nothing on my bass drum anymore..The snare sounds great but lacks projection for un-mic'd gigs so I use a balck panther most of the time.

The construction quality is famtastic, very good attention to detail, goprgeous finish that stands the test of time obviously as I am writing this in 2010 and they look like new, The birch eucaliptus shell gives a super nice tone to the drums, the lugs etc are all well built and this drum still looks much better than 90% of the new ones on the market today.

If you are lucky enough to come accross one of these kits grab it fast! you will fall in love as I did, you will not I repeat not find a better kit out there ! I will never ever part with this kit, XPK's are amazing drums!

Bill Nolan rated this unit 5 on 2010-01-20.

I paid 600 irish pounds for this. I got it because Virgil donati uses premier

good sound, good hardsware

bass drum 16x20 isn't loud enough

well built

good kit for jazz or pop, . for rock and metal, go with the larger sizes XPK

Steve rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-15.

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