Premier XPK Special Edition Bebop Kit Reviews 4

I bought this from a store(Drome Sound) in Albany, NY. I paid around 700 for it, no hardware included.

It's a white marine pearl finish, which is extremely blinging. It would even make J-Lo happy. Premier in general also has the shinyest chrome of all the drum companies. The drums have birch shells, that have great attack and sustain. The sizes are 18x16, 12x7, 14x14, and a 13x5 snare. The bass drum is easy to carry around, and sounds great for jazz. Both toms sound great. The snare is excellent. I'm a fan of 13" snares for life now. That inch makes a different, and really brings the pitch up for a good crack.

The bass drum pedal was hitting towards the top, so i had to buy a gibralter bass drum lifter. Unfortnately, the bass drum isn't loud enough for some of the more rockin gigs.

I've been gigging with these drums for 4 years, and are still in the same shape. I recommend a wrap finish for a gigging kit. If i bang it into something by accident, nothing happens.

Unfortanately this exact model has been discontinued by premier, however they make the Artist Birch jazz kits which are similar. I recommend picking one of those up. Its a great kit for gigging and i'm happy with it.

John rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-05.

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