Premier XPK kit Reviews 5

I bought this kit from Drum and Sound in Royston, Hertfordshire, England. They offered me the lowest price anywhere in the UK, and threw in free cases! The kit is now 10 years old and I paid about 350.

The kit is in Sapphire blue lacquer and still looks and sounds fantastic. Premier quality is second to none - I've played Premier for over 30 years, and my father did before me! I look after all my kits, and the XPK looks as new. Regular maintenance pays off - light oil on all the lugs and moving parts makes sure there are no seizure problems. The chrome work on my kit sparkles - my kit came with all double braced stands - and apart from two tiny scratches on the bass drum, the lacquer has stood up to gigging very well. Of course, it is essential to have cases to protect your drums - I've recently swapped to 'Hardcases' which are brilliant.

There is nothing I don't like about this kit.

Meranti shells are strong and well constructed. As always, I've found Premier beats all the others price for price. In particular, it's brilliant to be able to buy spares for the kit wherever you are (certainly in the UK) - in this respect it's rather like having a Ford car!!!

For the mid-price range, you can't beat this kit. My advice to any young drummer thinking about buying a 'budget' first kit from the Far East is 'Don't!!'. Look for a good second hand Premier kit and it will look and sound good for years. You might not want to part with it!

David Stevens rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-24.

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