Presonus Eureka Pro Recording Channel Reviews 5

I bought this through, and paid $499 (shiping was included). This is for my home recording studio.

First, it is extremely quiet. The features include a Class A mic preamp with phantom power, parametric equalization, and a great compression module. It has an effects loop, so you can control the amount of effect at the preamp instead of down the chain at the mixing console. So far I've used it for drums, bass, and vocals. Can't wait to try it on the mic from my guitar amp.

The knobs are a bit small. You can get a bit lost using the parametric equalizer, as the orientation of the knobs is not the same for all three bands. These are very minor objections, overall I really like this piece of equipment.

It is solidly constructed and all the components I can see are top quality.

This is an ideal preamp/compressor for any musician, but in a home studio it will be hard to keep from buying more than one. All my vocals are going through the Eureka from now on.

Bob Caldwell rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-19.

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