Pro Mark Lightning Rods Reviews 5

I bought the Pro Mark lightning rods because I already own a pair of Hot Rods and I thought they break too easy. So I bought a pair of them (Lightning Rods) at the guitar center in concord for about twelve bucks.

I like them because they are very durable and louder than the Hot Rods.also they make a more snappyer sound and a better cymbal sound.

Hmm.... Ill pass on that question.

The Lightning rod is built like most Pro Mark rods with 7 ladrge round strands of wood with a red handl and a white is not sloppily put toghether either.

Pro Mark are the best rod like sticks out there (that i've tested so far}.If you are looking for a stick, or rod that is not to quit but not as quet as brushes go out and buy a pair NOW!

Tosscobble rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-29.

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