Pro Mark Ringo Starr Model Reviews 4

I got these sticks at a wonderful store called midwest percussion I paid about 5.50 for them which is a good price. Which is a dman good price since i've seen them for about 12 dollars a pop.

These sticks are incredibley light, yet they are long. It makes it real easy to move around the kit with them. Their made out of american hickory. Whats better then american hickory? The tips on them are kind of thin which makes the bounce of the head not so heavy makeing it a bit easier on your arms and then you dont have that problem of the stick hitting you in the face,damnit.(THEIR 5 AL sticks) Plus , damn their Ringo Starr sticks!!!!

The only problem I had with these is the fact that after only a week one of my sticks cracked down the side. This was mainly due to my not so good cymbals which are sharp edged and due to the fact that i play pretty hard.

The quality is good. AMERICAN HICKORY baby. They could stand to have a bit more thickness but thats ok. The feel of them is really nice also.

These are some great sticks , i love the sound you get and they way the tips bounce of the heads. I love these sticks even if they break a little easy, I think I will use them almost regularly. That and I love pro mark sticks. Stick with Pro-Mark people

Kevin macirish rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-11.

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