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I first put hands on these very interesting and somehow innovative sticks past winter. My wife, knowing that I'm a big new gear craver, found them online and gave them as a surprise gift to me for Christmas. They were invented by a broomcorn farmer and drummer named Jack Martin, who thought it would be cool to use the material he make brooms to make a drumstick. Recently, while playing a unplugged gig I had the chance to perform with them in a couple of song and I must say the soft and crisp sound they created it was very enjoyable.

You can find them for a price around $18.

You would say that the best way to describe its sound is, if you would breed a rod stick with a brush stick, you would get a broom stick. As funny as it sound, this middle of the road, hybrid sound that made me really like this pair. They work just great for tunes with a softer, more organic side or for producing a percussive element for louder ones. They also can be used on djembes and percussive drums creating a very interesting, distinctive sound.

These are hand-made, broomcorn bundle sticks made by Jack Martin and his family. They are 14' in length and 1 3/8' in diameter. They are pretty light and their rubbery handle make them very comfortable to play with.

Drummers of all styles will find on this pair a great tool for natural, soft and smooth sounds on drums and cymbals. Great for playing on percussive type drums too.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-19.

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