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I was looking for a drumstick that would last. I play with nylon tips and more often than not the tips would be the first to go. Usually there's nothing good about that except when you peg one of your band mates, two points!

I haven't had a head fly off yet and I've only broken one in about four or five monthes! Every stick will break after awhile but a good stick will start to peel layers like a banana before it breaks.

The price is a little higher but when you buy one in four monthes compared to a dozen then it is absolutley justifiable.

Also I havn't mentioned the feel of the stick. Most sticks are wood but they are completely smooth and feel like plastic. These sticks feel like wood sticks. They feel like they should have been sanded more with a good coat of sealer, but I really really like that feel. They don't feel like they'll go flying out of my hand if I don't hold tight enough.

These sticks are the best sticks, ever (if I could underline ever I would have). Note to Pro-Mark: Thank you and please please please don't ever discontinue this line.

John rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-22.

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