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I payed 30 for this cat out of Harvey Osbournes. I find that my pinched harmonics aren't too great and I heard about this pedal called the 'CAT' which is really meant to wail!

This is a great pedal for its expressive qualities. The harder you stomp on it the louder it wails! Yeah! I also like the fact that its used by guitar guru John Petrucci. Only thing is his CAT must have been faulty because when you hear him use it on the last track in 'Metropolis Part2' it doesn't sound too great.

The only thing I dont like about it is its short lifespan. You can only stomp on this pedal so many times before it wears out. Also, you need to mike up this pedal to get it to sound properly, and tie it to the stage.

It is fairly good construction quality but if you stamp it hard enough it just dies, and this is one of the worst flaws this pedal has.

This is a great pedal for those days you just cant hit those pinched harmonics, as long as you dont step on it too hard the CAT should give you long and reliable service.

The Anonymous Snowman rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-26.

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