Promark TX720W Intruder Reviews 5

27 years playing in versatile covers and original bands.Play a variety of styles, traditional, country,rock and roll, rock, heavy, blues, funk (sometimes all in one night).

After years of looking for "the drumstick" i found this model that suited my music and playing style the best. From light to heavy playing without chopping and changing sticks. I got these from a local music store, same price as any quality sticks.

I played with heavy sticks for many years time and have always been a solid drummer. These sticks are thinner and enable playing with some finesse and feel, i can groove with these and still be solid. The extra length compensates for the thinness. Having a short stature the extra length assists with ergonomics,that extra length does make a big difference. The balance of the sticks are great.

nil When are the drum stick manufacturers going to wake up and produce the differnt bead styles in plastic as well as providing a custom made stick service for the non "signature" drummers. Brand is not important to me, i only chose this one because they had the right stick that worked well for me.

Being hickory these are very durable and have an wood acorn tip/bead so there is lots of head contact so playing at different angles you can still be consistant.They also feel light, but that may just be me. 0.571 diameter x 16 1/2" long

Not many sticks out there that fit between a 5A and a 2B nicely, this is the one.

Neil rated this unit 5 on 2007-09-20.

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