Pulse Double Braced Cymbal Stand Reviews 5

On Musicians Friend, i placed an order on the internet for 2 stands -- 15 dollars each for a total of 30 dollars. I bought them because my splash and my china were missing stands.

I noticed that the old Pulse stands were very skinny and they weren't very sturdy. These new stands are very sturdy and thick. They also stand at a maximum of about 6-7 feet. It has a nice tilt to it as well.

I have no complaints for this item. For 15 dollars a stand i expected a very cheap stand but i dont see any flaws.

The quality is very nice. Again, for 15 dollars its the best deal you'll get.

If your looking for a cheap and affordable, yet a stand that works, this stand is a good choice. It packs a good weight and its sturdy. Just what I was looking for.

All Drummed Out rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-11.

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