Pulse Pro Drum Set-No Cymbals Reviews 5

I am a 14 year old, not-looking-to-spend-a-lot-of-money kid, so when I saw this set i wondered. Is this the REAL deal? I had read a few reviews about this set on this website. I went to musiciansfriend.com and so it for 299.99 W/ cumbols. i read reviews and the cymbols were supposedly 'horrible' so i decided to get the 249.99 set (the one im reviewing). I ordered it and got it within 4 days. Put it together and started to jam. A GREAT set! Deffinitally worth the money, if your not a SERIOUS serious drummer.

First off...i like the color(s). I got a silver mettalic and the finish is beautiful. it is also very reliable. I can sit there and play for hours without an adjustment. Very easy to play, as well.

About the only dislike I have is the instucions to put it together are almost impossible to understand. If you want a BETTER, but still not quite perfect explination, search 'drum set assembally' and click on the links, but DONT print. Read them carefully and see which one explains it clearer, or more then the others.

The quality is great! It may have taken me 4 hours to put together, but it was WELL worth it!!!

THis drum set ROCKS if there are any begginers lokin to get started this is the set for you. Buy a good, but inexpensive set of cymbols and this could be the start of your future in music!!!

travis-wannab-182 rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-26.

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