Pulse 4509 Boom Stand Reviews 1

I bought this from www.musiciansfriend.com I bought it for $29.99 not including shipping.

Ehhh.. not much if you need it for a splash or small crash I guess it would work ok. I have a 16" thin crash on it. Kinda unsturdy.

Unsteardy for large, or heavy cymbals. It's double braced, but it isn't heavy at all. And when you put a heavy cymbal on it once you hit it it falls over. Not what I wanted.

Said to be double braced, it is, but its not sturdy. It only has one extension tube, isn't very tall.

If you are looking for a cheap stand to hold a small crash or splash I would suggest this stand. But, if you want to mount a 21" ride or a large, or heavy crash on it, it won't work. Trust me!

Mat Luehring rated this unit 1 on 2002-02-16.

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