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i got this off of musicians friend website w/ out cymbals for $250 plus shipping so it was about 300 dollars. i wanted something cheap but good and thats what i got.

i've only had it for about a month but i like it a lot. the bass pedal is ok and the all the hadware is pretty sturdy. so far its a very good set for the price.

this is a good set so there are few things that arnt that great. i just now started to notice that the bass pedall is stating to scweak but it still works well. the snare that came with it has a big echo on it and after messing w/ it i still couldnt get it to sound ok but thats not much of a problem becuase i already had a giood pearl snare. the tom toms mounting is wierd and the instructions arent very detailed at all and didnt help much, but my friend came over and we figured it out, sometimes on the tom toms when you play the bass they rattle a little bit but it may jsut be that i set it up wrong because of the poor instructions.

the shells are ok, so far the heads ar holding up well, and the hardware is holding up well too.

the bottom line is if your a bigenner lookin a cheap but good set, this is the one. it fits all the needs of a beginner ecxept no cymbals. so this is overal a good set for the price.

Aaron E. rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-29.

internet order from musiciansfriend.com I am a songwriter/guitarist/bassist who plays the drums a little. This is a very cheap drumset and I wanted an extra set for practice so my friends wouldn't have to bring there kit. I also wanted a set available for recording if needed. paid $224 discounted because it was a returned item. regular price $299.95

kick and toms sound good, hardware decent for price.

cymbals poor quality but I expected this. Kick pedal is chain driven but not very high quality. Assembly instructions poor but didn't have any problems assembling the kit.

Toms/bass appear to have good quality construction. Shells nice. Mounting of toms is with a metal bracket. The bracket is mounted onto rim overtop of tuning lugs on the toms, but it is actually pretty solid mounting. This didn't seem to effect tuning as I thought it might/seem to stay tuned ok.

Bottom line is if you bought this kit and added a decent set of cymbals you will have a good sounding kit, and the price is negligible. Probably need a better snare too. I had a good set of cymbals and a good snare and good kick pedal already. I just bought this to have a drum kit. Ended up with a very nice sounding drumset and was able to get very good recordings. Can't really comment very much on the snare because I already had a good one and didn't try to tweak this one at all. Absolutely satisfied with what I got for the price.

Gary rated this unit 4 on 2002-05-11.

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