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I always wanted to play drums...since I already played guitar and bass I went for yet another instrument. I went on Musiciansfriend.com to search for a drumset that I can afford. So I decided to purchase the Pulse kit.WOW I thought I was gonna get an awesome set plus cymbals for only $300.00($365.00 with Shipping). Within a week I received the following... 22" Bass Drum 12 and 13" Toms 14" Snare 1 pair of Vic Virth 5A sticks The drums didnt have the heads on them so of course i had to put those bad boy on, but it was all cool.(THE INSTRUCTION SHEET SUCKS REAL BAD) I never put together drums before and the instruction sheet didnt help at all. The thing that sucked the most was that 2 weeks after I received the above I finally was shipped... Bass drum pedal Snare stand 14" Hats 16"Crash 18" Crash/Ride 1 straight stand 1 boom stand NO DRUM THRONE(I bought a $30 CB throne at my local music shop) So now I finally had everything so I can play my set.

I at first liked the price because I thought it was gonna be a good deal for all that stuff. I liked everything when I first started because I really didn't know was good and bad about drums. To this date I really think I don't like anything on it that much...Its a good set until you start to catch on and get better and then you really notice the cheapness when you go over a friends house and play his Pearl Maple Session Custom Set with all A-Custom Zyljian Cymbals.

this might take a few hours (just kiddin' ya) ok here we go... drum heads - the heads are very poor and very thin. The tom heads are clear and mark up real bad..after a month it looked like i had the kit for about 15 years without a head change. The snare head wasnt good either. The coating flaked off and after I rubbed my hand accross the snare it looked like I had a puff of cocaine all over my hand. Drums - The drums don' sound all that bad, but they really do, nuff said.(good beginner drums)(12,13,14,16 and 22") cymbals - The cymbals rocked at first, but when I heard what Zyljian sounded like..whoa..pulse sucks man. I used my 16" and 18" until I was riding the 18" and the stand cracked in half. So after that I used the 18" cause it had a little more tone in it. The hats suck, but don't suck that bad, theyre "decent" Bass pedal - the bass pedal is a normal generic bass pedal with the mallet like felt beater. But one day I was playing and the beater bent in half so..ya..and the springs on both sides fell off about 3 times in a period of 5 months. Stands - the boom cracked within 4 or 5 months and the straight is still holding on for dear life. The hat stand bloooows, the hats always close with playing..you don't even need to put your foot to close them down. The snare stand is decent,but is light and cheap so it moves around a little. as you can tell I don't like too much about it...

Read all of the above... But... I currently upgraded my whole set..and I am so much happier with it now.. few weeks ago I bought at my local music store... Cymbals - Zyljian ZBTs, $200. 14" hats, 16" Crash and 20" Ride (they sound 10000000 x's better than the pulse cymbals :) Stands - I'm currently still using my pulse snare and straight stand. I bought a Tama straight stand which is real good(Tama stands = good) A friend gave me a hat stand(no name, but works better than the Pulse) Heads - My friend gave me a little used Remo Weatherking snare head and increased the sound to my snare. I bought white coated Evans 13" and 16" tom heads which improved the sound also.(i traded my 12" tom for a pair of drum sticks) Finally I bought a sweet 22" clear Evans bass head with a muffle ring which sounds awesome and it came with an EQ patch for even better sounding. Bass Pedal - I bought a Pearl P-100 pedal for $65, it is amazing and the price is so good, the beater it sweet too(buy it, i recommend it..the Tama Iron Cobra Double is awesome, but i need money. The Double iron cobra is more than the actual pulse kit i bought) Ya so thats all i bought..booya

Decent kit, you'll need to upgrade with a lot of stuff which will cost more anyway, so I would stick with something better like a Pearl, Tama, Mapex, etc. Even if you have to save more money up, it'll save you money in the long run... Buy this kit if you wanna mess around with drums..if your serious with drums like me, don't buy it, get something better.

Brian Houssock rated this unit 2 on 2003-06-22.

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