Pulse 5-piece Drum Set Reviews 4

I bought this set from Musicians Friend. It was $300. It was my first set, and $300 was about all I could spend.

First off, the price is great. $300 dollars for a drumset is not bad at all. The drums seem to be made quite well, and nothing has broke yet. I like the pedal. The hardware is light, but it is double braced, and it gets the job done just fine. No problems there.

I dont recomend getting this set with the included cymbols. I think it would sound better, if you played on trash can covers.... plus, i think the trash covers would last longer. Dont get me wrong. If you are just starting out, and can't afford any new cymbols, these work fine to bang on. But their quality is quite low, and if you CAN spare the extra dough, get new cymbols!

The set is constructed well, and the quality is good. It takes me a while to tune the new drum heads, but that just might be me. After you tweak the set some, and find out what things sound good with YOUR particular set, then it sounds great. I have friends that have bought sets for 5 times as much as mine. They do sound a little better, but not in proportion to the price. Great little set!

Here it is folks, the final rating. I'm giving it a four, just because of the cybmols. Other than those, you'll be doing all right. Great set!

A-mac rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-11.

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