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I bought this kit out of Musicians Friend magazine for $300, and kit came with cymbals. I got it because my last kit was a piece of crap. This set was a pretty good setup (22x16" bass, 5.5x14" snare, 10x12", 11x13" and 16x16" toms, 14" hi hats and 16" crash. It even came with hardware (something I didn't have at the time).

As a begginer kit it's not too bad for its price and it saved me a lot of time and money. It was better than my first kit and something to practice on! Ok...so the overall sound wasn't very good. But when you're this desperate for a drumset and your band has a gig in a few days, this was a relief. At the time it seemed great and it sounded much better than my last set. Nothing I particularly liked about this set, but most of the hardware is holding up pretty good, and the bass drum is decent when muffled slightly.

As i got gradually got better I noticed some downsides to rushing out and buying a kit for cheap. The heads were poor and on the verge of tearing after only a few months, so I decided to get some Evans Genera G2s and a remo weather king for the bass drum. I took the black bass head off because it was muffling the sound too much. The hi-hat stand was getting stuck and ruining my performance, so I got a used Mapex swivel-foot stand. I soon replaced the bass pedal with a Tama dual pedal ('cause it fell apart). I broke out my old CB marching snare because I didn't really like the sound of the one included. The cymbals sounded like trash can lids for the most part. I recently got some Sabian B8s, so I'm all set for a while. Also the tom arms come apart very easily.

Shells - very good Cymbals - suck Hardware - not too bad Snare - depends on what kind of music you play, good for punk Heads: bass head holds up, but the tom heads are bad business Pedal: decent for playing light, but once you start jamming it falls apart easily

I would recommend this kit with no upgrades to a beginner. Once you start getting serious, you'll need to get new cymbals and new heads at least. I recommend a new bass pedal and hi-hat stand as well for semi-pros. Overall this is an OK kit.

Pete Munn 15 rated this unit 3 on 2004-08-14.

I first got a pulse kit when i started playing the drums 3 and a half years ago, at the age of 12. I got it as it was cheap, and so seemed like a good idea, and i was that desperate to learn! the shop i went to didnt have alot of choice as far as kits went but this was the cheapest and so i bought it! it only cost me just under 400 for a standard rock setup (22" bass, 14" snare, 12, 13 and 16" toms, 14" hi hats and 16" crash....and the guy chucked in a set of Vic Firth sticks and a stool for me too!)

As a begginers kit it's not too bad for it's price and it bought me alot of good times messing about making a noise! It gave me a starting point and something to practice on! ok...so the overall sound sucks! But when you dont know anything about drumming when you've only been learning for 3 months, and so you dont realise what's good or not! At the time it seemed great and it made a noise and kept me busy for hours on end!

As i got gradually better and better and learned more and more, i learnt that my kit actually was pretty poor and compared to my best friends kit (Yamaha Stage custom advantage with Zildjian Z customs)!!! It was at this stage i decided i needed some upgrades for my kit! i did at first decide to buy a new kit and then thought "do i have the money???" The answer was blaitantly no way!!!! so i decided to take it a bit slower and start small by getting new cymbals for christmas from my parents. a nice new set of pearl 300 customs was so so so so so much nicer and better sounding the the awful "tin" sounding pulse cymbals!!! as my birthday is only a few days after christmas, i then went a spent my christmas and birhtday money on some new heads as the terribly flat sounding pulse ones weren't doing anything for me! a set of evans Genera G2's made my kit sound so much nicer!

the construction is kinda nice except maybe the lugs which come loose very easily! the quality of the unit is near enough non-existant and so i wont write anything more on that matter!!!

ok all in all as a first kit its ok and it does the job! i'd advise one for a new player but as soon as you reach the level of grade 3ish then move on to something nicer......either a nicer kit or upgrades such as new cymbals or heads like i did!

Luke Harper, 15 rated this unit 2 on 2004-04-01.

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