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Will try to make this short: I used to own a 5 piece Pulse Kit in the summer of 2001, wine/red. Hated the cymbals; otherwise, it was good/decent. I had to sell that wine/red kit some mo. later. But was able to keep the one Crash/Ride stand, Hi-Hat stand, and throne. This 2nd Pulse Kit I own is even better than the 2001 model, in terms of how the shell(s) quality has been improved. Pulse has done better than b/f. This kit came with: 2 toms, floor tom, bass drum, and snare. The snare is the only weak component, if that. Decent 5 1/2 X 14. The shells are better than previous models. Hardware is fair/good. I'd change the heads to Remo's. And get a good cymbal pack. Paiste and Zildjan usually have good deals to be found.I bought this last week on Ebay for $150; $50 s/h, used. But no complaints.

The SHELLS! Change the heads, get better cymbals. I assume one will buy the whole kit from Musicians Friend. My purchase was like the Drum Pack one can buy from M.F. No hardware. Do the modifications, and it'll be a fine beginner/intermediate drum set. Could use to gig with; alot of players do. As an Active Musician, I've seen worst kits onstage, with poorer sound/resonance. The hardware is double braced. Comparable to a Ludwig Accent 5 pc. or Pearl Forum Std. 5 pc. in terms of Measurements, features, etc. The Pulse shells are birch; mine are.

Well, to buy the whole thing like I did 3 years, and get terrible cymbals and weak drum heads, at the time I was disappointed. But it's easy to upgrade. I am repeating myself here. But to stress: it's a good kit with the aforementioned mods. Oh yeah, a good bass drum kick pedal would help, too. And the main drawback is one can't test the kit out in their favorite store, unless that store is selling it. Otherwise, have to order from the catalog/online, wait for it, set it up, and then determine.

Good/Solid. Like the Pearl or Ludwig sets. But more affordable.

I'd recommend this set for the starter to intermediate player. Like I said, it's worthy of gigging.

Jiver rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-02.

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