Pulse Pro 5-Piece Lacquer Drum Set Reviews 4

I purchased this set from muscians friend about 2 months ago. Paid 349 + shipping for it with a free throne. company shipped promptly, no hassle.

Price and bass, toms very good, I think over all it is a great set for beginers. The drum set may be cheep but sounds as good as pearl export I have played. Cymbals ok, they are almost as good as sabian b8's. bass pedal no problems, like it better than pearls. hardware is light but not a big problem. I bought this because I am a new student of drums. Price is right.

Cymbals could be brighter, but for price no complants. Snare needs head and wires, but then again maybe I do not have it tuned right. Instructions poor. no real documentation. Nothing really junk, maybe cheep hardware, but for price I can live with it for a long time.

Shells are of good construction, easy to put together, especially like the # of lugs makes tuning easier. The color and finish are outstanding.

I am glad I bought this set. My daughter wants one for christmas. Recommend for any one that wants a good starter or second set. I am still impressed.

New drummer rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-17.

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