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I found by chance this audio and Midi sequencer going to the Digital Sound Planet web site. At first I downloaded and used the freeware version of the program in order to be able to use their great online studios that are freely available by simply registering. I was already quite enthusiastic with the freeware version so I downloaded the Pro evaluation version and regarding the price ($133) /features ratio, I quickly purchased a licence on their site.

Lot of features for the price (256 audio tracks, 256 midi tracks, per-audio-track built-in Dynamic processor and parametric EQ, DirectX and VST plug-in support, etc..) - Very stable (It happens that I use it for a whole day without encountering a problem). I don't have a very powerful machine (mid-range) and I can use up to 30 audio tracks. - Very good sync between audio and midi (at least on my machine) - Very cool interface (very close to a hardware mixing desk which I personally appreciate very much) - The ability to save multi-track sequences (including audio, of course) under a compressed file format that is much convenient for backup purposes and most of all to transmit music projects over the internet.

Does not support VST instruments (while they said they are currently working on the implementation) - Some very special features are missing on the Midi side (like CAL or groove quantize)

In summary, this piece of software provides a lot of functionalities for a very affordable price (excepting freeware programs, I don't know any program, feature-wise, which is sold at an equvalent price). The "feel", using it, is very nice, it is easy to install and the company registration process is quite simple and ... they have a very, very impressive support team - each time I send a message, I'm answered just a few hours later which is quite valuable!

Roger Zucree rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-29.

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