RMV Drums Reviews 5

purchased locally at joes drum shop,paid 2600 for the 7 piece kit

Here is a new one, RMV who? they are made in Brazil and feature brazillian maple which is harder and different than North American maple. sizes are 8,10,12,14,16 18x22 and the 5.5 snare. 1st off I am usually a birch guy...Yamaha at that, most maple drums to mee just wander...yes they are open but they dont have the control that I like, thats what this set does beautifully, open with control and the sound is deeper and fuller than other maple drums, great hardware, especially the kick pedal. Also they are light and look great,tune easily and have a great feel Have owned DW,pearl master custom etc. these sound better.

not much, pretyy nice kit here

excellent quality, finishes are really cool

a great value, not cheap but not the most expensive either

Ben R rated this unit 5 on 2005-06-30.

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