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Like many musicians out there these days, Iím also slowly acquiring more and more equipment for my own home studio. By doing that I can not only better craft and create my own music but it also helps to open up the options of which audio production gigs I can get. I felt like after having purchased a decent pair of monitors and audio processing units, that the need to have a more professional desk on which I could work on for longer hours was an essential. Iíve been always a bit reluctant to buy a studio desk because of price. The decent ones seem to always cost at least $600 bucks or if not more, and the cheapest ones never seem to fully fulfill my needs. When I found out about the RTA Creation Station, I got the feeling that it was exactly what Iíve been looking for all along.

I researched this desk online and it looked like most online distributors sold it for around $200. Then I happen to visit Musciansfreind.com on just the right day and I found the Creation Station for $150 with shipping included. I felt that was a sign and I could not let this deal blow by.


I canít but hail about what a great purchase this desk has been. The price is just unbeatable, and quality is just superb. The desk has a great professional look and building aspects. Wheels give easy back accessibility making for quick and easy hook-up of cables. Sturdy construction and decent amount of strong rack space for hardware units (I have MIDI interface, three emu, and a preamp installed) are all there. The high shelf for the monitors and computer (I have an iMac) is perfect, keeping the deskís work area nice and roomy. The desk itself was easy to assemble and leaves plenty of space for storage on the lower foot-level shelf (I have a mic box, toolbox, books and cables). The lower shelf is also great for a computer tower.

Iíve read reviews about the table being too low for the computer keyboard or not offering enough space for your knees. I donít find this to be true. I find the desk fits extremely well with my body dimensions (Iím 6.1Ē with long legs). Its very comfortable to work on for me. A shorter person may find that the computer monitor on the top shelf sits a little high. Take heed, just make sure they can deliver the package in your desired room. The package is super heavy, and you are going to need a friend to take it whatever it needs to be taken. I had to dissemble the table on my front door and bring it in pieces.

The quality is great. Very professionally built. The top desk is made of thick and heavy wood and is supported by metal legs. My hardware units are pretty heavy and the built in rack supports them with no problem.

This desk is a great investment for those looking for a professional and sturdy studio desk. The price is unbeatable. Creation Station is a one-of-a-kind studio desk. I just hope they wonít raise its price after reading this review!

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2011-07-07.

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