RTOM MG4 Moongel Damper Pads Reviews 5

I was at guitar center once, and was getting a hole cutting template for my bass drum. Then, I asked the associate at the counter in the drum department(I was at the Guitar Center in Modesto(best store in the world for music equipment)) about how I could dampen my toms, and get that forceful sound out of them. He then got this plastic bag with a little black circular box in it. He took them out and showed them to me. I tryed them out on one of their drumkits there, and I thought, what the heck, I'll try these. Man, that was one of my better decisions. Plus, they are only 8 dollars or so.

I like everything. Basically, they are made of that sticky silicone material(if you have every played with a sticky hand, you know how they feel)). When they stick to the drumhead, they make the head heavier, which makes it resonate less, and give a fatter tone. If they get dirty, wash them with some soap and water, then dry them off(the best soap to use is facial soap). Then, they are as good as new. After I got these, and I suggested the Evans G2 heads to my friend, I thought his drums were ringy, and so did he. I suggested these to him, and he loves them. Also, another drummer with G2 heads also has these(now he has pinstripes, but either way, they are great). I highly recommend them.

There isn't really anything I dislike about these things.

When I said they were made of silicone, I was talking basic. Now, I will describe them in depth. They are 1"x1.5" rectangles of sticky silicone. They can't break unless cut with scissors either. Also, if you hit them, they don't get hurt, but make your sticks get stuck to them. Eventually, they get dirty, and then they aren't sticky. Just wash them with some soap(again, preferably facial soap), and they get sticky again. Simply put, they are excellent.

Anyway, no damper is better than these. If you have ringy toms, just get a pack or two of these, and put them on your toms. You will love them, I promise.

x_drummer2000 rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-03.

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