Raven West RMB4300 Bass Reviews 5

i was in a small music store in my grandmother's home town and tried the "basic" raven bass, the RMB400, and i thought i was in love. i went online and basicly freaked out when i saw the RMB4300 for 444, a bass with all the qualities i wanted and at a price that i had never seen on a bass of this caliber. $444.99 with a free gig bag. This bass is made of walnut and alder construction.

I love the hard maple thru neck with the rosewood inlays. It reminds me of an old long board from the 60's. I also like the shape, and sandwich of alder in between walnut as the body. active electronics, are a major plus and of course price. Did i mention it's beautiful? with the smooth action great tone and solid build it's wonderful.

when i first got it the action was so low there was some fret buzz, but a quarter turn was all the truss rod needed to fix that, and the blend pot was slightly stuck, but a slight movment of the alen wrench took care of that. over all for the money i could not ask for a better instrument and i would highly recomend this to every bass player for it's versatility and superb performance..... (especialy for the price)

solid construction good electronics, little bit of fret buzz, easily fixed, one sticky EQ pot. also easily fixed.

absolutly recomended... beautiful guitar with wonderful sound for minimal bucks! www.ravenwestguitar.com

Adam Childress rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-12.

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