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I purchased this guitar on ebay.

I love everything about this guitar. The body is hardly wider than any electric guitar, and the sound is great. It plays like an electric and the action is great. The nine volt battery is extremely easy to change and there are no clumsy bridge pegs to mess with when changing the strings. the 1/4" jack is integrated into the bottom strap peg.

What's not to like? Except that it is hard to find on any of the popular internet search engines. When the nine volt battery runs low the sound through the amp is horrible, and without an amp it sounds more like a banjo hybrid than a guitar.

Quality is excellent, and the strap pegs never slip out of the strap.

I love this guitar. It's light, compact and sounds great.

rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-04.

I bought this thing off of E-Bay from Ravenwestguitar.com

It is beautiful! The guitar is thin and is red flamed maple with three cool arched soundholes. The body shape is similar to a Gibson Chet Atkins A/E. Also, the thing plays like an electric. I can get all over the fretboard, much to the chagrin of my bandmates.

First complaint: the sound. You could drop a Martin and it would sound better than anything you could play on this hybrid monster. Unplugged, it sounds like a cheap semi-hollow, and plugged in it sounds sort of acoustic. The three EQ slides are very responsive, but I think the thin body and limitations of the pickup really hold this guitar back. Second complaint: support. While the seller Ravenwestguitar.com has been very helpful, the support people have all but completely ignored me. The guitar's pickup would only work with the volume pot at maximum, at which point it was overdriving. After numerous e-mails and phone calls I got a "You need to send it to us" response that didn't even have an address on it! That will teach me not to buy a product from a source that does not have to deal with me face to face.

The guitar seems to be well put together, but I my unit had some bad electronics in it. I payed about $220 for this thing and I got a $220 guitar.

It seems ideal for electric guitarists looking for a stage acoustic, but save your money and buy a real guitar and you will be much happier.

G Mac rated this unit 2 on 2001-12-27.

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