Raven RMB 520 5 string bass Reviews 2

I fond this guitar on Ebay but got out bid , so I went to the people who made them and the rest is history !

The inlays look cool, mother of pearl inlay and abalone that looks well done.The neck is sleek and smooth and well thought out.The body is light and although it has lower grade"looks"Try finding a swamp ash bass for less than $1000. The finsh is nice and smooth.

The hardware is to say the least "trash"I would have to say "what was you thinking to put this crap on this fine bass"

The body was made from low grade wood even for swamp ash, as for the rosewood neck. But even so the workmanship was great,I mean "so what" if you think of foundation and what makes a great bass than this is it.

This bass is great as far as the wood craftsmanship and if you want to buy all the hardware and set it up yourself after ,then this is the bass for you.And dont expect much from the company after the fact...God bless you

Mic Mcintyre rated this unit 2 on 2002-05-25.

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