Regal Tip Blastick Wood Handle Reviews 5

While looking to buy a new pair of rod sticks for an acoustic gig, I end up discovering one of the coolest sticks manufacturers there is, Regal Tip. Their collection of very innovative and creative sticks is fantastic. There are so many interesting variations it makes my brain and hands itch for wanting to trying them all. So far I only had the pleasure to play with their wooded handle Blastick. I guess I don't have to say how much I enjoyed play drums with them at that gig that night.

I spent $18 for a pair at my local drum store. They are super durable, making them a great deal.

Because of its construction, made with plastic bristles, they are very flexible, giving a great feel and swing when you play with them. They come with rubber rings so you can adjust the brightness produceed by the bristles when hitting your kit. I also find the wooden handle very comfortable, making you feel holding a real drumstick. They are also great for drum practicing when you have to keep your volume low.

There is anything negative about this pair. I can only appreciate Regal Tip's highly innovative products.

With and wooden handle and plastic bristles, this 15' in length Regal tip pair is super durable.

With a great feel, this pair will please those looking to attain a soft, brushy and bright sound from the kit.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-05-31.

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