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Unfortunatly purchased from Folk of the Wood. Avoid these people like the plague. I needed a good sounding acoustic bass for home recording projects and this bass fit the bill perfectly. I'm a guitarist and so I didn't want a bass without frets.

The bass is wonderful. Folk of the Wood screwed up the set up, but a few turns on the spider bridge and all the rattling went away. The bass is plenty loud and much louder than other acoustic basses. Mine had a defect on the neck which somehow escaped Folk of the Wood's "expert luthier 9 point check list" and so I had to return it. I'm still waiting to resolve the exchange/refund and haven't heard anything from them other than, "we're checking into it..." in a couple weeks.

I wish regal would make one in a natural finish, but the burst is really well done and very pretty. My main complaint would be the lack of a case. The bass is smaller than other acoustics (thinner in the body) but thicker than electrics so there is no real case solution. It will apperently fit in a gig bag but I would really prefer a hard case.

Quality is first rate barring the defect in the neck and of course no one is perfect. Just be sure to check the instrument thuroghly and avoid buying anything from Folk of the Wood and you should be fine. The cone is spun not pressed which helps the sound and the durability.

Do buy a regal dobro bass if you're looking for an easy playing, beautiful sounding instrument. Don't buy anything from Folk of the Wood becuase their "500%" isn't backed up at all by their staff and they, in my experience with them, have no concept of quality customer service.

love the bass, hate the shop rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-09.

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