Regal RD-05 "Dobro" Bass Reviews 4

I purchased this bass for around $485 from Folk of The Wood off of their website during March 2002. The price includes a gig bag and shipping.

I had been looking for an acoustic option to the upright bass. Since I have arthritis in my fingers, I needed something with less finger stretch to play. The bass has a 32" medium scale neck. While being skeptical about the volume that they are supposed to have, I was quite surprised with how loud it really is. Granted, it doesn't have the deep sound or volume of an upright, but is fine for sitting around in a circle of 4 or 5 people singing and playing acoustic instruments. The resonator gives the bass a brite cutting sound which can be heard even with banjos and mandolins present. Even though its a medium scale, it will use regular 34" acoustic bass guitar strings.

The bass plays the A-D-G slightly louder than the E string. I replaced the string set with a set that has a .98 E and it helped. I have tried a phosphor bronze set with a .100 E, but the bridge doesn't seem to be made for a string that gauge. I managed to get it on and it improved the output of the E string as well. Unless you like sitting or playing with an acoustic strap, you will have to add a strap button on the base of the neck somewhere. The spider and resonator cone will pick up even the slightest finger movements, but that is O.K. considering the volume it gets. If you order the bass from FOTW, be sure to get the gig bag because the chipboard cases don't seem to hold up as well.

The bass I purchased is an antique burst finish with nickel hardware. The fit and finish has no noticable flaws. It is slightly smaller and has a thinner neck than the average acoustic or bass guitar, making it very comfortable to play. Very good quality for a Korean made unit.

The bass filled my need for an acoustic bass instrument. With the upright being too large and the guitarrone being too thick, it fit the bill. I really get strange looks when I show up for acoustic music festivals, but after I start playing, it usually is accepted and often I get positive comments on its tone.

D.R. Wyatt rated this unit 4 on 2002-10-19.

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