Rhythm Art Power Play Value Pack Reviews 4

My drum instructor offered me this drumset for $600 dollars with free upgrades. I was a bit uncomfotable with it before buying it, but I ended up warming up to it.

Good sound for a first set. The bass pedal looks really cool, it's aluminum cast and quite easy to use. The snare has the "quick latch" ability so that when you switch it to a tom it's really easy to switch back to snare. All the drums are actually quite good, but I would tune the floor tom before using it any gig. The hi-hat pedal is also aluminum cast and looks cool.

It only came with two cymbals. Also, the hi-hat feels a little funny when you put your foot on the pedal, but that might have been because i was wearing socks.

Stongly built. 9-ply wood shells. Really light and easy-to-play-quick bass pedal.

Great for a first set. I would upgrade the heads and cymbals eventually though.I like it, my drum buddies love it, and I'm sure you'll like when you get used to it.

Joe rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-13.

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