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Purchased new in December 2000, from Shinseido Rock Inn, Tachikawa, Japan, for around US$2000. There was only one good reason for buying this. To"hang on the wall" as a piece of John Lennon nostalgia! I was also informed at the time (by the agent),that this model was about to be discontinued. Don't know how true that is, because the 325V64 now advertised looks identical!!?

It's Jetglo(black) finish is very even, and the instrument is put together in a typically Rickenbacker fashion. That is, very well! I think this about where I would draw the line as far as "liking it" is concerned.

All Rickenbackers seem to be very limited in their versatility, but this model, even more so! After owning it for a year, it is totally beyond me why Lennon (or John Fogerty) ever used it live! Now I can understand Susannah Hoffs(Bangles) using it, as I assume her hands to be much smaller,but honestly, for your average guy, it is a very difficult instrument to play, especially up the neck. Compared to my Parker Fly, PRS & Steinberger GU, it feels and sounds like a dinosaur! It sustains notes like a house brick. In other words,THERE ISN'T ANY! Three pickups on such a short scale can give only a very limited(and antique)range of sounds, and what's more, you really are restricted to Rickenbacker's own short-scale, fairly heavy strings in order to tune it to correct pitch.(At least,that seems to be the case) I dislike them intensely.If anyone knows of any others, please let me know! I've also never fathomed out the logic behind the "blend" control. It does sweet nothing, so I leave it in the middle,and forget it!

As I said, well made,with high quality components, Pity the company is still locked in the 60's. Releasing the same old models in a garish range of colors that look like they came from an old Chevy catalogue, won't improve things either! I thought they were breaking out when they introduced the"Glen Frey" model that Joe Walsh used. What happened to that?

It looks nice hanging on the wall in my Living Room, but I doubt whether I'll ever play it again. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who aspires to advance beyond strumming a few open chords. It's had it's day, and I'd suggest that the amount of money involved could be put to far better use.(Read my Steinberger Spirit GU-7R Custom review) However, a piece of music history it most definitely is! That alone rates the 3 points i'm giving it.

Steve Tracy rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-02.

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