Rickenbacker 360 6 string Reviews 1

Purchased at MARS music store 3 years ago, paid only $790.00

Nice thing about Rics is that everything on a Ric, wood, electronics et cet is Ric only. Ric's, as far as I know, do not support 'generic' parts...humbuckers, bridges, tailpeices, et cet. Everything, I understand, is a 'Ric' item.

The Rickenbacker is a fundamentally flawed guitar. Regardless of what famous names has played them, from John Lennon to Tom Petty, the Ric is a disaster waiting to happen. Just measure the distance from the body to the string height of a Ric. Play a Ric often enough and you will slash your fingers open on the strings. Why? because the Ric fretboard is about 1/4 inch above the guitar body, and the strings are even higher than that! Any guitarist will tell you, the guitar fretboard should be FLUSH with the body of the guitar. Anything else is sub-standard.

Rics are quality guitars. No question here.

Rickenbacker needs to understand that despite their reputation, they need to address the basic flaw in their guitar design...the fretboard should be flush with the guitar body...don't take my word for it, maybe consult, Les Paul, Gibson, Fender, Guild, PRS, Hamer. I own 23 guitars, not one of them is a Ric. That is why.

rated this unit 1 on 2003-06-19.

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