Rockman Banshee Talk Box Reviews 5

Musician's Friend...I think for $150.00....I bought it to expand my creativity, get some cool tones and sounds...and plus I've been infatuated with the sounds it makes ever since I heard Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" when I was in grade school.

The incredible sounds it authentic to the original Heil talkboxes....minus all the extra crap you need to run one of simply plug it into you effects chain like any other pedal, plug in the "wallwort" power supply (included), run the tube up the mic stand turn on the pedal, crank the volume, gain and tone, plug in a mic and wail away! It can also double as a preamp for a practice session - haven't tried that feature out yet

Its most definetely loud....but I'm always someone who wants things to be able to go louder....i don't ever want to settle with 10...i want 20!!!

Very sturdy, heavy as hell too! I can tell it'll last me for many years...built like a damn tank!

If you want to do you best Peter Frampton or Joe Walsh imitations but not buy a Heil talk box and have to buy lots of extra crap because it needs a separate mic and and stuff - this is your pedal. All you need to spend is the $150 or whatever for it, and if you already have a microphone..when you're good to go!!!

hendrixfan3 rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-16.

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