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Purchased 2 weeks before WINTER NAMM 99 Saw it addvertized on line as well as G.P.'s review>I ended up Purchasing The veri Problomatic 100 watt 4 ch.w/4x12 Vin.30's angled Caninet with Loclinng Heavy Dury Sell Lubricating Ball Bearring/Since 3 have Blown all under warrentee.we had our home checked.Were Fine.We even Put in a seperate service with an all new Updated to Code Electricians Box and new Lines (Romax) in our studio.Glad to see he stripped down and away 50% of the tripple midi operations to the BIG IN PUT & OUT PUT TRANNIES.NOW IF HE'D BUILD AMOPS WITH BOTH VACUUM RECTIFIER TUBES W/TRANSISTORS THAT CAN Work Seperately or assignable! Ted Weber * THD ELECTRONICS HAVE SOME OF THE COOLEST SUFF! NEVER WOULD I RECOMMEND A 100 watt 4 ch.Tone Of Life Ever Again.I need am Alumimium Powder Coated Chassie and Hand Point to Poiny witting!

The Voices would change from day to day and from amp to amp and Quality Controll Sucked!

BUILT O.K.But not at a 30% off Costing me Still $2500.00s and I Still has to buy all the cords every amp manufacture Provides.

It was My Fault Entirely to not have waited since The hype was like only a certain amount will be made and thats it.I know Bruce and he's a Great Man.He's Not at All Interested in Doing The Job The Hard Old School Way/Especially if you've scene his Vendetta.Really nice looking Cabinet Vents as well Tubes,Appealing.Flip it over and it's all cascade circuitry which sucks when it comes down to The REAL EARTHY TONE AND STOP TRYING TO PINCH A PENNY SO IT CRAPS OUT A DIME! See its all set up like a PC inside.Not Like what we were Cuttin'our Teeth into! REAL CAPS ROLLED IN OIL & FOIL!HE's MADE IT EASY TO MASS PRODUCE THE VENDETTA TO WORK WITH THE PROPHECY PERIOD! AND THATS NICE IF YOUR INTO PRE AMP TUBES AND P.C> BOARDS.And I want all Yee who may read this,his new Egnater Line is Gotton His Freedom and Control Back On Line to what he wants to Build. Bruce is a Genious.He also Doesnt wanna have to Work until he's in his 80's to retire either.BUT!IF YOU ALL WOULD SEND BRUCE AN E-MAIL STATING,BRUCE ITS TIME TO BUILD AFFORDABLE ALUMINIUM CERAMIC W/GOLD POINT SOCKETS & BUY HIS TUBES FROM EUROTUBES OR LORDVALVE And USE ORIONS 6C7A's and TESLA's E34LS & Tesla's KILLER EEC83"S"! BLOWS THOSE SOVTEKS LPSs WB's WA's EH12AX7A's which are Cherry Picked Sovtek-Reflectors,as well as offer a Compatible Point to Point Power Amp STEREO OR MONO Or My IDEA WAS THAT EACH CH.HAVE ITS OWN SEPERATE TUBES TO CORRASPONDE WITH HIS RACK MOUNT CARD 4 CH.PRE AMPS.To Really Bring Those Simulated Sound Cards To Life.And Do Away with All The Many Types of Midi Hook Ups on the Tone of life that was designed souly so Rocktron Could use 1 of 3 of thier Prosessors in conjunction.And EVEN THE YOUTH IS SAYING SELL ME A LES PAUL AND A MARSHALL JCM900 1/2 STACK! And Then A KILLER SOUND SYSTEM WHERE YOUR EFFECTS SOUND THE BEST ANYWAYS COMMING OUTTA THE BOARD.See If you Study The Cards that are intended for his new Egnter 4 and you purchase them,you still need a head to Get Good Stage Presence or Run it into The Bd.And Back Out into some Cabinets. Balanced Lines In & Out Per Ch.Make it So he can Assign a Combonation of Ch.s in Pre Also Match Up with The Power Amp.I;ve learned like anything Balance is the key to getting great EVEN ORDER RICH AND COMPLEX HARMONICS & TONES. IT CAN BE DONE.Back Engineer a Floor Box That recently hit the scene and then when you've either made a Hybrid or just plain mono,that cards intended for say Ch.1 Well Plug Channel 1 into Channel 1 Global Interface and then toss in 2 EL84s & 1-2 EEC-83"S" Ch,2 Use 2 6V6 EH's,Ch,3 2-EL34's or A Bias Switch 2 6L6's.And Channel 4 4 EL34 Orion's or Electro Harmonix or Svetlanas with both a Bias Switch for 6l6GC's/5881's(Which Vac is Selling The Only REALLY TRUE 5881 that's not N.O.S.on the Market!And also have a 1/2 Pwr.Switch. Add a rectifier weather it Be Glass Copper Multiple That Ted Weber has, also there Switch able from Glass to Transistor to The new indo structable Copper Ones that have all 3 !And again Use HIGH QUALITY PARTS!AND WIRE.INCLUDE A MATCHED HEAD TO CABINET CORD! ITS LIKE A C.B.and thier Antenna.You Can Hone In Your DREAM TONE BY Cutting or 1 inch off here and there! I know I've had 5 yrs.of reading and studying while recooping from a severe back injury/Desease.Also There's Cheaper ways,But Why Not Make It All Egnater! From Top To Bottom! And Not Be Cheezy or too Comlicated!Or To Cybor Scarey! If there were REAL POWER TUBES IN A CYBER TWIN ID BUY ONE TODAY,BUT THERES JUST 1 12AX7A Sovtek Gruve Tube.I KNOW WITH OUTTA SHADOW OF A DOUBT HES STEPPING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTIONS.BUT THIS ALL CASCADING NO HAND WIRRING P.C.BDS.have to be NASA Quality.And I've been Pricing things out,They Dont Cost as Much as The Publics meant to believe.And I realize they have to pay taxes on items that set around.But Look at Dr.Z.At Fat Sounding Guitars,They Cant Keep Enough of them in stock.And He Churns out 1 to 3 PERFECTO AMPS A DAY HE AND 1 OTHER GUY.LOW OVER HEAD.MAYBE IM MISSING THE PICTURE.MAYBE AN EGNATER 4 PRE AMP WITH SOUND CARD WILL SOUND KICK ASS THRU A BOOGIE SIMULCLASS OR A MARSHALL 100x100 or 2 1500 Class"H" MosValves.I dont know.All I know is my Last Head thats been broken down for no apparent reason again,Is Gonna Cost me money to have repaired and I want to Upgrade to A Larger In PUT TRANNY AND CHOKE as WELL OUT PUT!AND CHECK THE TRANSISTOR RECTIFIER TUBE AND SEE WHAT ITS SET ON.AND INSTALL WHERE I'VE FOUND ROOM TO INSTALL THE COPPER ONES ON THE TOP SIDE OF THE INNER HEADS CIELING OR LEFT SIDE WALL!PIECE OF CAKE!I have Scared Off More Techs to Check My Bias as well as to show me how to do it,once they look at The MAIZE (OF PLASTIC * RUBBER P.C.TERMINAL STRIPS.AND P.C.Bds.Like A Car,I still want Traditional 4 Wheel Drive when the linkage gets hung up on a Gear inside the nice warm and cushy Cab.Get yer ars out and Flick The Wheel Locks like a Man Get a Little Exercise and CHARGE UP THAT HILL!GLOBAL OPTIONS!But Do It With REAL BIG KIDS PARTS.ALL HE HAS TO DO IS LIKE KEN FISHER DID MAKE A GAZILLION BUCKS INVEST IT WISELY AND IN 10 YRS.SELL THE Co,AND GET A % OFF EACH AMP OR PRE AMP OR CABINET FOR LIFE.That's The way to Live Happy and not always in the Class Room.GET ON STAGE AND HAVE FUN PLAYING MUSIC!AS A BABY CHRISTIAN AT AGE 42.I LOVE THE MAN FOR HIS BODATIOUS CHARACHTER TO SAY HEY I CAN BUILD THE BEST HAND MADE POINT TO POINT AMPS IN THE WORLD.NOW IF THE TUBE MANUFACTURERS AND THE AMP CO.'s WOULD SEND FAILED TUBES BACK TO THE MANUFACTURERS FOR REBUILDING/RECYCLING AND NOT SELL THEM IN UNCHECKED BULK AND SCREW SO MANY PEOPLE OVER THIS IS WHATS CAUSED THE P.C.Bd.TRANSISTOR INDUSTRY.PARTS.$.06 Labor $138.50! THATS B.S. The next Amp Im going to Purchase after I get The Tone of Life fixed and Modded with The Copper Multi Rectifier Tube that's switchable would be another Egnater Tubes Up.I dont like The Sound of Tubes Down and Springs Rattling! It Looks Cheesy to me & Millions Like Me too!I also have ears.Roccaforte,Torrese Amplifications,or London Amps,or Egnater.Or Cruise or Guytron!There's So Many Killer MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARNT SELLING THEMSELVES TO CHEAP PARTS.YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.AND ITS TIME AMERICA PRODUCES THE BEST POWER AND PRE AMP TUBES AND CHASSIES THAT DONT COST $1250 for 4 that cost $1.62 for a pair factory matched in 1962 either.That's shamefull! THE BEST TONE I'VE EVER HAD OUTTA THIS IS WITH 2 MATCHED N.O.S.EL34 SIEMENS WITH 2 YELLOW JACKETS THAT EACH HAD A TOUGH JAN SPEC MATCHED PR.OF EL84's And I used 2 $48.ea GOLDEN DRAGONS MATCHED TRIODE TO TRIODE x's 2 In The 1st & 2nd Stage/Drivers and 4 Mullard 1962 NEW OLD STOCK CV4004's MATCHED The Tone Sockets.My Son and I Recorded what I SOMETIMES TEAR UP TO THINK THAT GOD HAD ALLOWED A NON READER OF MUSIC,BUT I DO NO TABS AND SCALES AND OCTAVES AND NOTES TRIADS BARRES EXCETERA,AND SOME CONSIDER ME ONE OF THE HOTTEST ELECTRIC BLUES MEETS VAN HALEN AROUND AND THATS NO BRAG.IM VERY SHY AND WOULDNT BRAG OR LIE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER.I SEE A NEW CO.Rhino All Hand Made Point to Point U.S.A.Made Premium Parts and Tubes JAN SPECS AND N.O.S. Heads Under 1000.00s ! Made in Texas and from what I've scene and heard that's almost as good of deal as Dr.Z's Prices! Well I RATE BRUCE EGNATER AS A #10 (5) AND HIS AMPS #5's.See No Matter How Bad The Old Rocktron Screwed Me Over,They Screwed Him Over Too! They didnt care athing about there Big Boy Couple of Clients and Thier Europe and Japan Sales where they're Bigger over there than over here.Well thats what Jim told me.Ruby makes a Tone Bone.A Little Pricey,But unreal SOUNDING,When theres that happy Balance of Both Power & Pre Amps Clipping into Saturation City.Check Out Curt Emery @ and his Dominatrax and Super Baby.Wow! So Now I need a Billion Watt Bd.and Speaker Cabinets to run a 9 watt Saturated Amp thru A $500.00 Microphone.Why not just have 1 amp with Pre amp and with Tubed Effects Housed in a Simular Zebra Wood "Train Wreck" Style head with a Way of Mixing 2 Ch,'s at a time."Hybrid-Stereo" Sounds Lushious to my analog ears.Carry On! Love Will Guide Us All!(C.S.N & Y)!Cordially KenCo316 better known as Ken Gordon

KenCo316 rated this unit 1 on 2001-10-06.

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