Rockwood by Hohner LX 90l Reviews 2

mersey music, liscard, wallasy an it was one hundred pounds

nothing really i supose it aint got a bad look its the old strat type look its ok but its nowere near nice

everything the pickups are horrible the only time it souns good it when its not pluged into an amp it always manages to untune its self! an the neck is nasty you can hardly slid an the tone makes you cry its so evil! not worth buying at all

its got an ok look but nothing nearly as nice as a real guitar like a fender or a gibson but i supose for a learner its ok thats when i got it bout 3 years ago

if you have never played guitar in your life you can learn on it but after u have change quice bcoz its one of the worst going!(u all think i'm a bit harsh now dont ya)

mark danby rated this unit 2 on 2002-10-12.

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