Rogue 120 Watt Bass Amp Reviews 3

i bought it on ebay for $180. there are plenty there...just type in "rogue bass" and one will show up on the results.

the amp is big. it looks cool. lower notes sound nicer and make more thump. easy to use

when you turn it becomes all fuzzy. there is somthing in mine that rattles, i have tried tightening all the screws, but that kinda made it worse.

the outside covering is a lil cheap. 15 inch speaker. 120 watts. the head is separate from the speaker, so you can unplug it if you want

great for my needs right now. im in a punk band that is just getting started. we dont need anything too loud. it works when you need to quickly upgrade on a cheap budget

Mark rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-09.

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