Rogue CB-50 Reviews 1

Got this because I was just starting out on bass & needed an inexpensive amp to play out with friends.

Don't really like too many things about it. The only good thing I can think of to say is it sounds ok at low volume with alot of EQ tweeking.

The speaker "bottoms out" when the volume is turned up. The only way to remedy this is to turn down the low/mid frequencies which in turn takes all the deepness out of the sound. The cab rattles pretty bad & it's hard to dial in either switchable EQ. Speaking of EQ, when I switch between the two there's a very loud popping sound. Also, for 50 watts it's pretty weak as it tends to distort even at moderate volumes.

Built ok. Not great or anything, just ok. If it got dropped hard I'm afraid that would be the end of it.

You get what you pay for. As a long-time guitarist I shoulda known better. Since I was just beginning I thought this would be good enough but it didn't suit my needs at all. Lesson learned: if you buy cheap you get cheap.

James rated this unit 1 on 2003-06-27.

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