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I got this cool amp on sale about three years ago from Musician's Friend. Paid about $59 bucks for it with shipping. I use the bass amp version and play in Stereo with my trusty old Ampeg Portaflex that has a 15" Carvin. The sound from both is lush, full-bodied and roaring. At low-volume,(less than 30-40 watts, more or less)the Rogue amp has added textures to the highs with its 10" speaker. I play a G&L Strat copy through a Boss ME-30, and it's very nice sounding with very little distortion. The gain channel is always "on" for me, and I tweak the EQ's to the high-end for nice mid-range highs and volume. The neighbors have not complained yet. For the money, the Rogues amps are ballsy and righteous for the po' musician! Get one soon before they're all gone! You won't be dissapointed! Anyone who has written trash talk before on Rogues must've gotten a bad one, because mine just wants to scream, and that's fine by me!

It's all there. I like the EQ-ing, the fact it is tubeless, and that it has enough power to run a stack through it as well. Also, you can play with headphones on as it has a send-receive input as well. And the price is excellent.

I only wish it had a floor button so you could turn on/turn off the gain if needed.

Looks like a mini-Marshall,well-constructed, and not overly heavy.

I think that for the price, and for a musician on a budget, it rocks just as hard as the more brand-name items you pay a lot more for.

James Moore rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-04.

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