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I Bought this amp as a starter amp form

it was affordable

the amp blew 4 months after i got it, sounds dirty when taken psst 5 in volume

looks pretty solid, but the quality u can tell is super cheap

if u need a amp for a little while that is cheap then get it but dont be surprised when it dies on you

sativa rated this unit 1 on 2004-11-24.

It was cheap(200$) so I thought I would get it, cause im in a band and needed a loud amp to play gigs with.


Mine broke! I got it in the mail from musicians friend a little before christmas, it was broke about 1 week after christmas. I had the volume on about 5, so I didnt max it out or anything, and all of a sudden smoke starts pouring out of the cab. It stunk really bad, every time I would try to turn it back on it would keep trying to catch fire. I sent it back for a Fender Frontman 60B, which I still own and is better than that for only 20 more dollars.

Not good quality at all.

I think you shouldnt buy this amp, there are alot of better amps out there for about the same price as this one, dont go through the hassle of worrying about your house burning down or something. I really dislike this amp. I have also read similar reviews to mine so i know its not just mine being a flaw. So think about your purchase first.

Matthew Peters rated this unit 1 on 2003-07-17.

I bought this beast off of ebay for $189(with shipping). It arrived at my house very quickly and just in time for my first gig.

I like the feel of it. The handle on the top is very nice ands sturdy. It distorts when you have it on certain settings...but the distortion can be removed by just messing with the equilizer. Mine sounds great. Even though i got it off of ebay, its practically new, it still has the "new amp" smell to it even after my gigs and moving it around from house to practice to venue. i don't know why this amp is sold cheap because its pretty darn good and will hold up during playing...maybe its cause rogue is a smaller unknown by anybody company.

Mine just has a minor flaw in it. There is a screw whole that is stripped and the screw doesn't tighten which causes a slight rattle. the amp should have come with casters, or at least caster slots(its pretty heavy and would be nicer to have wheels to push on). there should be a power outlet on the amp so you get use whatever lenth power cord (its power cord right now isn't removeable) I want to really know more about rogue gear. they need a website.

well...that one screw... also made great, great handle, the tolex covering isn't the best but that has no affect on the amp. the power cord is too short and has a small thickness. has nice rounded corner fasteners.

Awsome amp...will hold up at a show. Great for practice becuase you can still hear it when the drums are playing. get it now!

Mark George rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-05.

I paid $200.00 from + some shipping.

I am a newbie and do not claim to know alot about bass products. I can tell you some things I do like about the amp. I like how heavy it is. At 64 lbs. it don't budge. I also like the volume this rig can produce. It can peel the wallpaper man! My wife just hates anything past level 3 on the volume!!!

Theres not much I can say bad about it. It needs wheels since it is very heavy. A 15 or 20 ft. power cord would have been nice also. The supplied 6 footer just dont reach very far.

I like the sharp, simple look of the rig. I haven't took the unit apart to check structural integrity or anything. But it looks heavy duty from the outside. The front speaker grille is bolted down adequately too.

I give the RB-120BT a good rating of 5 overall but as I previously stated I am a newbie. I only bought this product after careful consideration of the other reviews that were posted concerning this amplifier. So basically I trusted other consumers and they're opinions and comments about the product. I would say overall 90 percent of all ads about rogue products were positive. That was good enough for me and I would encourage you to go through all the reviews yourself and just read, read, read my friends. Thats what I did!!! And I am very satisfied with my amp. Happy Bass Playing to all. And Lord's Blessings.

Warren rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-16.

Bought from musicians friend for $200

had really good sound and easy to work controls

i bought one in febuary and was pleased until about a week after recieving it, that is when it began to smoke and filled the entire room with the stench of melted plastic. it also had unstoppable feedback while it was on after this. the only way to stop it was to turn it off. i returned this and got another from musicians friend thinking i just got a bad one, but my second turned out to do the exact same thing. i exchanged it for a behringer bx120 which i have yet to recieve, but i hope it will be a better deal than this rogue.

very terrible. gets really hot apparently and begins to melt on the inside.


Andrew Klein rated this unit 1 on 2003-04-23.

I found this killer amp at musicians friend like everyone else but i got mine in the scratch and dent specials for $149.00 + shipping.

I have the Rogue SX100B four string bass and paired with this amp it has the sound and the strength to get you point across in a hurry. As with all the other reviews I have to say that for the money you can't beat it. This is a 120 watter that can get the job done. The only thing that came close was the Behringer model but when i found out it only had a 12 inch speaker I opted to get the 15 inch Rogue.

The only thing that i can say that i didn't like was the fact that there was no owners manual. This seems to be the case with all Rogue products. But as with everything except bomb disarming and rock climbing you have to expedriment a little.

The reason that it was a S/D special was that it had a little dent on the grill but that was easily taken out with a rubber mallet aka: The persuasion. I haven't had any problems with it. Coming in at a husky 65 lbs it certainly doesn't move when you hit the low notes. I would recommend that you put some wheels on it before moving it. It does however come with a sturdy handle.

The bottom line is that this is the best bang for your buck. The tone you can get with this is awesome. It is loud big and heavy everything a rock artist wants. If you need any thing louder I would suggest the 200 watt head and the 200 watt speaker cabinet. You just cant find a cheaper 120 watt amp for the money. Except for the behringer model but it only has a 12in speaker where as the Rogue has a 15 in. It all depends on you needs but this Rogue can be used for quiet sessions in your room or large club playing. But try this amp if you don't like it you can always send it back.

Rogue lover rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-25.

i just bought it on 2 days ago! the shipping was incredibly fast. And I bought it for 200, just in time to watch a 30 dollar price hike in the catalog.

I love the sound. It is loud, deep, clear, with none of the stigma that usually come with a cheaper amp. It thumps, it slaps, it does anything. The semi-parametric eq is good, but since I usually just scoop for my sound, I'm kind of at a loss as for what to do with the other knob.

It is very heavy, weighing in at 64 pounds, and could have benifitted greatly from wheels. Also, it has no manual, no anything. Just a powercord and the amp.It is also built crappily, as I will explain.

The construction, on the other hand, just sucks. When I opened it up, to my horror, there was a giant crack separating a vertical piece of plywood from the sides of the cab. I have since fixed this with a drill, but I am still very careful of sitting or standing on it like I usually do with bass amps.

Great sound. Period. For 200 dollars, you can not get anything better sounding. However, its construction is horrible. I warn you, be careful with it. But on the whole, it is good.

John Doe rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-29.

I got this killer amp from musicians friends online for 200$ with shipping though it was 228.

what I really love about this smp is the fact that it has GREAT sound for a GREAT price. this thing not only has great gig power but it has quality that will work with studiio recording. the lows are rumbling with bass and the mids are punching like crazy and there is NO distortion on high volumes. I simply can't get over what a value this is.

The only wierd thing is that Rogue has no web site no contact info at all. the manual that came with the amp was for any amp ever. it just says what features your amp migh have and what they are. but for the price and quality you should get this baby and move some serious air.

The amp is a bit heavy at 64n pounds but it has a pretty durible handle at the top. it is made very solidly and feels rock hard. I droped this thig of a three foot drop adn it still works like the day I bought it. very duarable.

This amp rocks and if you need an amp for serious loud jam sesions or live playing at medium and large clubs GET IT NOW.

BASSMAN rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-10.

I bought this amp from Musician's Friend for 199.99 plus shipping.

This amp has some killer tone and power to go along with it. With four EQ knobs (Low, Low-Mid, High-Mid, and High) and 2 contour knobs (Low and High) you can get just about any tone you want out of it. And with 120 watts of power it can be low enough to use as practice at home, or high enough to be used at gigs. Unless your going to be playing a stadium, this thing has more then enough power. Another perk is the price. You can get a 120 watt amp for the same price as some 50 watts. And it's not cheap because of it's quality.

There isn't much not to like about it except it's weight. Coming in at 64 pounds, it can be a pain to lug to a friend's house or a gig. But it's well worth it once you get it there.

At 64 pounds it's sturdy as anything. It has a solid back with a metal cage over it's 15 inch speaker. Ive knocked it a few times in the front without a scratch. And it also has reinforced corners.

This is an amazing amp for an amazing price. You can get the same quality as some other, lower watt amps, for the same price. Perfect for bassists on a budget or those who just need something like it.

Mike DiPisa rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-24.

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