Rogue RB-20B 20W Reviews 1

I got this bass at because it was the cheapest amp I could find. I payed 60 dollars for it.

The ONLY thing that is good about this amp is that it is better, but only slightly better, than playing without an amp. And, It works fine.

Horrible sound quality. Worst I have ever played (I guess hence the cheapest amp). It makes a bass sound like a guitar. I have to use an outside EQ with the bass on full to make it sound decent. Even then it could only work for bad rock. Effects sound horrible on it, wah sounds alright. Basically ther is almost nothing good about it.

It is built fine. Hasnt broken yet.

Do not think of getting this amp. Just pay a little more and get a much better sound. I only bought it cause I hadnt tried it out. It is very much worth the extra money for a better amp.

BassZen rated this unit 1 on 2002-08-12.

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