Rogue RB-20B 20W Bass Combo Amp Reviews 2

I got this with my bass gutiar becouse i got a rogue package that came with a bass and amp for 150.00...

Thiers not to much that i like about this unit. It works and is better then playing without a amp.

First it doesnt sound like a bass amp. It makes my bass sound like a gutiar... The eq stinks, i try to change it and it sounds the same either way i have it. And i get outblasted my a 15watt....

Well the construction of it is good, my friend had this one to and droped it from 5 feet and it still worked fine so im guessing its built good.

I recomed not getting this one, becouse you could get alot better if you just save up another $50-$100, so do ur self a favor and do it.

Seth rated this unit 2 on 2003-10-05.

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