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Musicians Friend $80.00



Quality not all there, but what do you expect for $80.00

I would reccomend this bass to anyone who is just starting out and does not want a large investment to see if they like something. I had several problems with this unit however I sent it back to Musicians Friend for repair and they replaced it with a new one at no charge.

rated this unit 2 on 2002-10-17.

I bought it off of for 100 dollars, it came with a chord and it looks so cool. You can get it for 80 dollars now... maybe even less on MF. I bought it to learn to play bass.

The thing looks sweet. Kinda like an ibanez bass... except the headstock is like an arrow. The paintjob is sweet... i've had it for a little while... but I travel a lot... and this guitar has only 2 or 3 minor nicks and scratches. Its great for metal bass playing... doesn't really have the jazzy bass sound to it. For a beginning bass player (by the way... I didn't start out by playing guitar... I started playing bass as my first instrument... I'm learning guitar right now as we speak) its a great bass. The body is light.. but the discomfort I have is the fact that the neck is heavy and disbalances the entire thing. In other words its easier to play sitting down then standing up.

The neck... its too heavy... for the body. When I got the bass... my little brother broke a string... by tightening the tuning pegs too much. Dumb idiot. Anyways... I took it to the nearest guitar center and they said that the strings were too high... making it too hard to play. They fixed that too, and I was ready to rock and roll! Okay... the bass is very cheap... and after 8 months or so... the tone knob broke off (when it fell to the ground one day), the input thingamajig broke (when it fell), and while I was slapping and popping (wooh yeah! lots o fun) the E string nut piece broke off. Well... I haven't gotten the damn thing fixed yet... but hopefully I will soon. I'm interested in playing guitar now... but I'm still a regular bassist... just not playing bass.

Sounds great... construction sucks. Just don't let this thing slip outta your hands. Or else.

Good for the beginner bassist. Peace.

Statik rated this unit 3 on 2001-06-28.

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