Rogue 4 String Electric Bass Reviews 5

I got this bass for 99.99 dollars plus tax and i got it in a catologe that we get monthly. The catologe is called "Musician's Friend". They have very good prices on everything.

What I like about this bass is that it's good for my size. This bass is also is good quality and the volume knobs are easy to fix and the strings are easy to tune.

What i don't like about the guitar is that sometimes it's hard for me to reach some of the strings and it makes it difficult for me to play things.

The quality of this bass is amazing. This is a great-playing little axe that features a smaller, lighter body that shoulders everywhere. It has a bolt-on, 34"-scale maple neck which has 4 bolts with a rosewood fretboardand dot inlays. Also it has thick, durable, high-gloss finish on the body, necl, and headstock. It also has chrome hardware, split-coil pickup, and tone a volume controls.

This bass is truley the best bass for me. The colors are nice and it's very good quality for such a good price for a guitar because ussually guitar's are a little on the expensive side sometimes.

SaM DeSrOsIeRs rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-08.

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