Rogue FL-4 P-J Reviews 3

I play mostly small ensemble, small venues. Therefor I really dig FL.

I like the ebanol FB and the PJ PU config. It's a cool knock-around ax that I never hafta worry about. Needs no battery, has no resale value. Looks cool in all black with the black FB and hardware.

It has two passive tone controls that are really just one circuit with two knobs. Very bogus feature. OTOH, it works just as well as any single knob tone control. No harm no foul as they say.

It's a typical mass production bolt-on bass like any Ibnez or Yamaha. Nicely finished, cheap tone chain, but it sounds OK and I don't hafta worry about an inferior fret job cuz it has no frets. The tone chain is good enuf, it does sound like a proper bass guitar, NOT thin or weak. But it's nothing special or extra rich. It's average ... and thaz not really a negative comment.

I don't know any particular reason to seek out a *new* Rogue, nor any reason to avoid them. But on the used market, its resale value being worse than more recognized names like Yamaha or Ibnez, you can get these things nearly for free, and all these brands are about the same .... so I got this one. I'm giving a middle rating, a '3'. Again, I mean nothing negative there. It's typical of its genre. I happen to prefer the ebanol FB material. Others prefer wood. I also like that it's unlined. Many cheap FLs are available only WITH lines. So, on that score I'm glad I got this particular bass. But the rating is for you, the reader, not for me, the reviewer. If everyone agreed with my preferences, the unlined ebanol FB might be enuf to bump it up to a '4'. But I know I'm the minority opinion there, so .... a '3'.

Golem rated this unit 3 on 2010-04-09.

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