Rogue LX 400 Reviews 2

I ordered this bass from Musician's Friend for $179.00. I'm not really a bassist but i use it to lay down bass grooves for recording, guitar and vocals. I read a review on the bass and was convinced that it was what I would have to pay 3-400 bucks for elsewhere.

It looks pretty good (the fake top looks a bit cheesey) but the hardware is good. It seems to have decent tone, played direct into my yamaha aw 16.

It came with a horrible setup! BUZZ! BUZZ and MORE BUZZ!. there was an even an attempt to set this thing up. I almost sent it back. But I've decided that it appears to have a decent tone and I got it cheap enough. I'll try to set it up properly today and see what i get. If it doesn't cut it, back in the box and off she goes to Musician's friend.

The hardware on the unit seems to be of decent quality. THe neck feels good, and all and all it's a pretty bass guitar.

I think this could be a very good bang for the buck. A guitar should be set up better than this, coming new in the box to a customer. I was very dissapointed with it on this aspect alone.

Jeff Powell rated this unit 2 on 2004-03-28.

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