Rogue LX200B 4-String Bass Reviews 3

I bought this bass for $150 from Musicians Friend. I had just started playing and wanted my first bass.

I like pretty much everything. I feels really nice when playing. It's just the right weight on the shoulders. Every Problem I had with it was able to be fixed for under five bucks. I really don't understand what problems the ppl had with this bass before me. 1. The knobs are fine where they are. Don't see how they could get in the way. 2. If the strings suck.... CHANGE THEM! 4. If the action is messed up then get an allen wrench and change it. 4. I managed to produce many sounds with this bass just from messing around with the knobs. 5. It's perfect for popping and slapping 6. I paid more then anyone I saw and it's still a deal.

The only thing I disliked about it was the first time I changed the strings. The nut broke... I changed from the original whatever they were to super slinkys and the nut couldn't take. Now I could have sat and whined about it, but no.... I got a new nut and put it on and never had a problem again

It holds together and plays like one piece. The only thing that breaks are the strings. I'm not sure if that's because of abuse or the bass reacting with the strings, but everyso often that happens. I have heard no buzzing or anything. Everything feels and sounds nice. The pick ups are perfectly placed so you never really notice them.

I dunno what kind of bass players played this thing before. I have managed many years, styles, and bands with this bass. I honestly thought I'd upgrade but I am in no rush cause I feel home on this thing. Whatever style your going for this thing can put it out. 4 knobs.... They all do something. It's great. This is a great bass for begginers and whoever else wants some fun.

MunkeyConQueso rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-11.

I Got the bass from For $80,I always wanted a bass,Because i'm crazy about Guitar.

It is a good bass to start with,It Has a good body Shape and the bridge is good quality.The Fret Board Is Good for rosewood.And I like the arrow head shape of the head stock.

I Dont like the fact that the head stock is the same color as the body.It is not the best playability.The strings that come on it,suck.The style is not very "Wow Look at that bass" Kinda thing.

The Construction is pretty good.It is easy to work on.

The construction of this bass is not bad for $80.I Would Recommend this bass to a begginer.

Snake rated this unit 3 on 2001-11-12.

I accquired this instrument beacuse i needed a bass so i could be in this band. I paid $100 for it.

Some things I liked about the unit are it plays well and it was real easy to use and I liked it beacuse it was my first real instrument. It didn't break on me right away it awhile I think it was a week.

I was bad quality it fell apart all the time and the strings they gave me broke too. So now I only have two strings. The volume control is to close to the string and that makes it harder to play.

It had a black body with a silver bridge with four big tuning things at the end of the neck. The quality of this bass sucked and I don't think for one second that anybody that gets it they think that to.

I personaly just think that this bass sucks and I don't think anybody should buy it from now on.

Aaron Hamilton rated this unit 1 on 2001-07-18.

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