Rogue LX400B Reviews 5

I got this bass from for $179 US Dollars

Beautiful wood grain patterns throughout. It is made of Bubinga veneer on top and veneer on the head stock. The core of the body is made of Bass wood, and the fret board is rosewood.

I like everything about this bass especially the price I paid. I thought it would be worth it to buy since the list price was $499, musicians friend normal price was $349 and the sale price was $179. I really like that it has active electrioncs, and EMG style pickups when more expensive basses usually have these high end parts.

As described before it has a bubinga veneer top and head stock, bass wood body, maple neck, and rose wood fret board. It has two EMG style pickups, a battery pack in back for the active EQ, fully adjustable bridge and truss rod, also the string are through the body. The neck is held in place with six screws.

This bass was really worth the $179 I paid and I like this bass so much I got the LX400 Pro for $299 which will be my main bass and this will be my back up when performing.

Spencer rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-13.

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